Reunion With Another Pet

Yesterday I wrote about my reunion with my cat after about a year and a half. It made me think of another reunion with a pet. It was years ago when we lived in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. We had a dog that we were very fond of. We had had this dog for only a few months. She was really a sweetie. Time came for us to go on home leave and we went away for about a month. I can’t remember what arrangement we made for our pets – probably someone in the neighborhood looked after our house and fed the dog and cat. We were away for about a month. When we arrived back to Thimphu and approached our house our dog “puppy” appeared from nearby and when she realizedi it was me she absolutely came running and leaped high in the air – showing just how HAPPY she was. She was ecstatic!! And so was I!! She was a very sweet lovable dog.

After we finished in Bhutan and went on to other assignments, my husband Ian occasionally returned for short term assignments in Thimphu. And he would meet up with “Puppie” again – more happy reunions. “Puppy” wore her heart on her sleeve.

Dogs vs. Cats

I’ve searched my files for a photo of Puppy – no luck so I’ll just include a miscellany of unrelated photos that I did find.