Trumbull – Dear Reder – The End of an Era (3) – July 21, 2021

Fascinating family story. It has similarities to my own.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

The Trumbull House has been sold.  From what I understand, the new owner plans to create nine one room Studio Apartments in the main house, two more apartments in the barn and to add on to the Little House to form a home for his family.

I will be devoting at least the next few weekends – maybe many more – to a Memorial of the house that has been an anchor for my family for almost 100 years and to the people who made it a HOME.

I find it especially hard to decide what to post because I have been writing about this house and the people who lived there, daily, for almost 9 years. Do I want to focus on the individuals – special events – everyday events – pictures – I just cannot decide which direction to choose. This weekend I am going to focus on…

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One thought on “Trumbull – Dear Reder – The End of an Era (3) – July 21, 2021

  1. Janet, Thank you for keeping your readers up to date on the latest news from Trumbull. It was a very sad day. The house may no longer be owned by the family – and will undergo a transition – but it will remain stuck in time through my Blog. Take care.

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