Where Is My Air Conditioner?

Early last week the weather forecast for the weekend was dire. Increasingly HOT. Ho ho I thought that’s most unlike this part of the world – high temperatures in June in the Pacific Northwest. I took matters in hand and put in my request for an air conditioner – to be readily supplied by the assisted living facility where we live. My request went in on a Tuesday. Wednesday would be too soon to expect it. Meanwhile the days were getting hotter……..Thursday no sign of an air conditioner, Friday no sign of an air conditioner. This hot weather situation and no air conditioner was beginning to look serious, particularly with the weekend coming up and the hottest days forecast to be Monday. Each person I spoke to either promised that they had done what was required of them, or said they would phone again, or couldn’t understand why we didn’t have one, or said there was such a demand and the maintenance men were very busy, or there was a list, etc. etc. etc. The most definite rumor was that they had run out of air conditioners. A complete run-around. I have yet to find or see “the list”.

BUT now a week and a half later I have actually spoken with the head maintenance man. Yes they have run out of air conditioners. More are on order and should be shipped tomorrow (July 4th). Within 2 weeks they should be here. Yes there is a list with about 10 names on it including us.

I wonder – are the air conditioners coming on a slow boat from China??

to be updated when appropriate.

An illusion – the opposite of how I feel

3 thoughts on “Where Is My Air Conditioner?

  1. It’s been dire, I know. My a/c failed when we had out first really hot spell but it wasn’t anything like as hot as you’ve had it, so I hope you found a way to keep cool and I hope it doesn’t happen again.


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