Two Mice

Mouse No. 1 – the mouse that I am looking for in order to use my main computer

Mouse No. 2 – the live mouse that took up residence in our house last September

We finally realized the presence of number 2 mouse in January and with the help of a professional, James chased Mouse 2 upstairs and delivered a fatal blow.  Katerina was oblivious.  She prefers nocturnal hunts outside.

Pictures to follow.     mUK0a6JeVXjtPRcgOagyTaFjJz8INrs31UREhsqAZfxd9CNWZUHFYVkQdN6GJ_aGtaFZKbENOO_itM6_iHNoBRDFSxkg1KygGFYKi101vQ_edC-evg8cRZD0SjXcv_9xrJ4Zklc0F4Gttioe4OBu3le-9nuf63Xu6DvILzjT3N3tCf_8_Gj1b3gl5klJg3gE3UvGCPpJU1lwitCAmsMV6cmTWNhsQoNi5

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