A Bad Day

I am having a bad day.  Now that I am blogging again I decided to use my main computer rather than this laptop.  I haven’t used my main computer since we moved in February.  One of the reasons for not using it was that there was no electrical outlet in that section of our new apartment.  It took time to resolve that problem – we had to get permission from the upper echelons of the administration and to have the work order executed.  (Pardon the double entendre)  But even then I didn’t actually turn the computer on until this morning.  Ping…..a beautiful sight met my eyes.  That old beautiful familiar screen lit up……..it went through its paces and eventually asked for the MOUSE.  OOPS.  I. had lots of bits and bobs sitting by the computer but NO MOUSE.  I’ve searched!!  Did it get lost or misplaced in the move?   I’ve placed a call to my tech adviser, no reply yet.  I wait.

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