Stamp Collecting


The stamp from Fiji attracted me to this postcard.  We lived in Suva Fiji for 2 years back in the 1970’s.  What a wonderful experience in so many ways.  One of our many activities   was stamp collecting.  There was an active group of people who were avid philatelists and there were books of stamps which were circulated regularly.  My latent interest in stamp collecting was reawakened.

Now so many years later I’ve turned to postcard collecting and if there are stamps involved there is a double attraction.


My Grandfather as a Young Man


2019_06_06_15_39_54.pdf000  I found this photo recently in my mother’s archive,  My grandfather is with his 3 daughters in 1923,  At that time the family was living in Omaha Nebraska.  My mother is the 11 year o;d on the right.

I have titled this to indicate my grandfather was young but that’s a relative term.  Actually he was almost 50 in 1923,  But my image of him has always been of him as an older man in his 70’s and early 80’s – when I knew him,


IMG_6336a bit blurred but this is a photo of my grandfather in 1912 when he was in his mid-30’s.



2019_06_04_09_30_35.pdf010  I find a certain fascination in simple, quite mundane messages written on postcards close to 100 years ago.  Here is one postmarked ‘o4 from Newcastle, addressed to Gateshead.  Get out my map!  The reverse side is a rather cute image of kittens.