A New Member of My Extended Family!

A puppy tale of love from my friend Liz in Scotland.

Northern Lace

As some of
you may know, my son Nick and his partner Jen have just got a new puppy. A collie from working stock, who is 7 weeks
old, and is called Melan.

I went over to see him on Thursday (his first visitor) and yesterday afternoon Nick and Jen brought him here.  It was the first time he had gone out into the big wide world, so their other two collies stayed at home.

My two were
very interested in him. To start with,
one of us held Melan while one of my two had a nose at him. Eilidh was fascinated, and Magnus very excited.

After a while Nick took Melan and Eilidh outside and put Melan on the ground.  Eilidh was very good, and obeyed the instructions to keep her distance until he became more confident. 

Then he became interested in her and they interacted well.  Eilidh…

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