A Quick Photo Shoot

Knitting patterns by Liz Lovick.

Northern Lace

Elly and I
had already arranged to meet for lunch this week. When the day proved to be glorious we decided
to do some pix for the Orkney book.

Those of
you who follow any of my online doings will know the Peedie Sea from my dog walks. This was the perfect setting for a fairisle
skirt I have recently finished. The
pattern was taken from a sweater worn by a bloke in one of the Archive’s

The skirt
is knitted in DK yarn, using a dark mix for the background and a gradience set
for the pattern.

Next we went along The Street (proper name Albert Street) to one of Kirkwall’s ‘monuments’, the Big Tree, which won Scottish Tree if the Year in 2017.  This 200 year old sycamore has lost the inside of its trunk, and is shored up by an iron post.  It was here I…

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Voyage to California (43c) – John Jackson Lewis – More of the San Jose Valley

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the last section of the final letter from John Jackson Lewis. This one is  to Edward, dated May 8th, 1851, describing the San Jose Valley and what he can see from his brother William’s farm. This sketch was made by John Jackson Lewis and enclosed with the letter.

Turning our gaze up the valley towards Monterey, the timber prevents our seeing much of the low land, except in the immediate vicinity of our house, that is within two or three miles, but beyond the timber, and distant, perhaps, five or six miles, the hills, comparatively low, but high notwithstanding, indicate that the valley becomes much narrower, and changes its course very materially.  Looking towards the Bay, the mountains fade away on either side, leaving us one place where we can look out on what I shall call the real horizon.

On the plain, in this direction, there is…

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