Seasons, Perceptions, and Expectations

Travels with Janet

A while ago Susan wrote a blog  about how in some ways she felt disoriented as an Irish person living in the Northwest corner of the U.S.  A particular disorientation occurred as a result of the words applied to the seasons.  Summer in Ireland has a certain meaning – summer in New England, and possibly Seattle where Susan lives,  is a different kettle of fish.

I grew up in New England.  Summer to me means July-August.  The summer season runs from the Fourth of July to Labour Day, the first Monday in September.  Warm-hot weather, swimming in the ocean.  Autumn or Fall months are September-October-November.  Winter is the skiing season – December-March.  Spring skiing would be in early April.  And for me the Spring months are April-May.  June is rather undefined.  Possibly I define my seasons according to the sports we played – field hockey in the fall/autumn, skiing and…

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