My Ancestor – Alfred Duryee Guion – 1884 – 1964

Following this blog fascinates me. There are a number of parallels with my own father’s life 1891-1949.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Last June I  read about a Challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, and I was intrigued. I decided to take up the challenge. Some Ancestors may take more than one week, but I still intend to write about 52 Ancestors. I hope you enjoy reading about My Ancestors as much as I am looking forward to researching and writing about them.

(1) Alfred Duryee Guion; (2) Alfred Peabody Guion; (3) Judith Anne Guion

Alfred Duryee Guion

Alfred Beck Guion

Ella (Duryee) Guion

Excerpts From Reminiscences of Alfred D Guion:

In 1884, the year I was born, that part of Fifth Ave., New York City, where my parents lived, was “uptown” which meant somewhere above 59th St.

                   Alfred Duryee and Elsie May Guion about 1895

From the time I was 3 years old until I was married, we lived in Mount…

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Big Bowling Competition

And the winner is…….IMG_5323At Spin Alley Edmonds Washington

One competitor was missing from this latest meeting of the brothers.  I am sure he is eager to meet up with these two at the earliest opportunity.  Seattle. Connecticut, and London – it’s a challenge to all be in the one place at the same time.  But who knows, with ,modern technology we’ll see what can be arranged.