TANSTAAFL: Lava Ridge Wind Farm

A good example of TAANSTAFL.

Wickersham's Conscience

Wind Turbine Farm, Central Snake River Plain, Idaho

WC is a member of the Board of Directors of Idaho Conservation League, which has strongly held, public views on this issue. In fact, WC will quote ICL’s position later. WC wants to be very clear that the views expressed in this blog post are WC’s, not ICL’s, and that ICL bears no responsibility for the options expressed here.

WC has argued earlier that when it comes to green energy, There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch, TANSTAAFL. There is always a price. In an earlier post, WC mentioned the controversy around that proposed Lava Ridge Wind Farm as an example. In this post, WC looks more closely at that proposed large scale green energy project and how TANSTAAFL applies to it.

The proposed Lava Ridge Wind Farm would be located in south-central Idaho, south and a little west of…

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