Murder at the College by Victor L. Whitehouse – a fascinating 1932 novel of mystery and detection republished by the Oleander Press

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Murder at the College by Victor L Whitechurch

A sealed room mystery is one classic theme which is popular in the “Golden Age” detection story; in this 1932 novel the author attempts to control not only the access to a room, but the access to an entire college. This engaging story of murder and deceit has been republished by Oren, an imprint of the Oleander Press, Cambridge. It features the fictional St. Oswald’s College set in a university town where students, fellows and clergy roam free, a place of men with academic functions and a certain amount of leisure to follow their own interests. Detective Sergeant Ambrose, who “looked a bit of a fool. In reality, however, he was anything but that.”, having a “peculiar intuition which was worth attention” and it will be his persistence which makes all the difference to this mysterious situation. In fact, there is more…

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