Masai Warrior Postcard

Masai Warrior

Reverse side – Masai Warrior

Would you believe this story about a Masai Warrior”s Shield and Spear? I went to Kenya in August 1966, almost 60 years work at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Nairobi. This was a combination teaching and research fellowship, and I intended to complete my PhD thesis for the University of California Berkeley. Initially accommodation was provided for me at the United Kenya Club. These premises were a sort of hotel for temporary visitors, short or longterm, working for the Kenya Government. Employees at the University fell under this umbrella. Shortly after my arrival, as I got to know the other residents, I was invited by a handsome young man to see the Masai Shield and Spear which he had recently purchased at the Prison Shop. Said Shield and Spear were up in his room. So I innocently went up to his room to see these treasures. And I was suitably impressed, casually noticing also the bottles of liquor in his closet.

To make a long story short, we married a year and a half later, and that spear and shield were with us for almost 50 years. We finally disposed of them when we were clearing our house in Dublin in preparation for our move to Seattle. We had put the spear and shield in the skip in our driveway and a passerby happened to rummage in the skip, and asked our permission to take the spear and shield. And off he went, the proud new owner.

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