Following Up and Following Down: February 2023

Read this and have a laugh. I am a fan of WC.

Wickersham's Conscience

Even for the shortest month, February seems to have been a short month. But even with just 28 days, we’ve reached the end of them, so it’s time for WC to have a look back at stuff that didn’t get written, stuff that shouldn’t have happened and stuff involving the Magpie Principle. Rest assured, Craig, absolutely no journalism has been committed in this blog post.

Retired Alaska Superior Court Judge Bill Taylor has died. WC tried his very first felony trial before Judge Taylor, an Assault on a Police Officer claim, while WC was still waiting on results from the Alaska Bar Exam. But WC’s connection to Judge Taylor went back long before that. Bill’s second wife, Gloria, attempted to teach WC to play the piano. She was wholly unsuccessful, but WC hastens to add it wasn’t her fault. The Taylors were also on WC’s paper route, and Judge Taylor…

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