Wickersham’s Conscience 2022 Hypocrite of the Year: the Winner

This is a splendid competition!

Wickersham's Conscience

The 2022 Wickersham’s Conscience Hypocrite of the Year

The results are in.

For the second year in a row, voting was a bit thin. Ongoing hypocrisy exhaustion? Perhaps a kind of malaise for anyone who still manages to care about current events? In the event, total votes were again about two-thirds of the average between 2018-2020.

Among those who did vote, however, it was an extremely close contest between U.S. Senator Josh “Quick Sprint” Hawley (R, Missouri) and zillionaire Elon “I’m Rich, I Don’t Have to Care” Musk. U.S. Senator Ron “Cheese This” Johnson (R, Wisconsin) was slightly back of the two leaders. The other two candidates split less than a quarter of the vote. Based upon internet addresses, more than half of votes in favor of U.S. Senator Jim Rich (R, Idaho) came from the Gem State, so that’s something.

In the end, with just less than 29% of…

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