Wonderful wild animals in South Africa.

Something Over Tea

What would spring be without the appearance of baby birds, zebra foals and young antelope? The Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus caama) in the Addo Elephant National Park seem to have enjoyed a successful breeding season.

The calves, some only a few weeks old, are generally well camouflaged in the grass as they rest curled up near the adults.

Red Hartebeest are grazers that prefer medium to long grass and so are clearly visible in the open grassy areas of the park, their bronze coats shining in the sun.

Although they are sociable animals, the breeding herds consist of cows and their calves – the cows give birth to single calves at the onset of the rainy season. These remain well hidden for the first few days, joining other youngsters in their maternal herds once they are strong enough.

The dark tails of the animals, seen against the pale…

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