The Observation Post

Who knows when or where an idea for a new post will come from? The other day, after watching a movie on TCM, I was about to turn off the TV when a trailer appeared for a coming film titled RIDE, VAQUERO! (1953). The trailer included a scene in which one character speaks of another as “a man who cannot live without power.” My immediate reaction: HOW PERFECTLY THAT MAN DESCRIBES DONALD TRUMP. Then I started to think about how many old movie titles begin with the words THE MAN WHO….and this post began to begin.

One such film is THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CAROL (1935), which film critic Leonard Maltin sums up as “translating a famous [19th century British music hall] title song into the story of a man who calculates to clean out the treasury of a Riviera gambling establishment.” As…

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