Nominees for WC’s 2022 Hypocrite of the Year

Wickersham's Conscience

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R, California), Wickersham’s Conscience 2021 Hypocrite of the Year

As 2022 mercifully grinds and lurches towards an end – at least a chronological end – we’re approaching the time for WC’s annual Hypocrite of the Year Award. The recipient is selected by WC’s readers from among an impressive list of egregiously hypocritical political leaders.

Past winners of this dubious honor have included TheDirty 13,Captain Zero, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Lindsay “No Shame” Graham, Rep. Scott DesJarlais and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, to name just a few. All worthy of the award, WC thinks you will agree. Each received a fancy certificate by U.S. Mail, although WC notes none have thus far acknowledged the honor.

Nominees for 2022 so far include U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wisconsin), U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R, Missouri) and U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R, Idaho). A…

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