I Forgot to Tell You

There is another thing I forgot to tell you about yesterday. Our in-house guide yesterday had actually heard of Bhutan. In fact, as a travel guide she had been to Bhutan 3 times. We have a lot to talk about! The future awaits! I can’t locate my Bhutan photos right now – I’ll keep looking but in the meantime here are a few to hold your interest (I hope).

Shelf outside our current front door
Early days in using a computer – 1980’s?
Our family 1973 – St Lucia

It Was My Lucky Day

Yesterday was my lucky day in a way. We reached a decision – a resolution/solution to an ongoing problem. We are going to move. It has become increasingly difficult to meet my husband’s needs for care within our current set-up here at the Assisted Living (Ida Culver) facility. So………we are going to move – within the facility – from our one bedroom apartment on the third floor – we are going to move down to ta studio apartment on the first floor where there is more care available. More care for my husband, more freedom for me. The downside is less space. We have seen what other couples have done in this dilemma and it looks workable. Agonizing downsizing!

Pictures to follow!

Not exactly the picture I was looking for but it’s slightly good at showing a bit of the space and belongings we have now.

The End of an Era (18) – The Trumbull House – Final Words – 1756 – 2021

Judy – what a wonderful account of the history of your family and the Trumbull house. There are a number of similarities to the old house and farm owned by my sister and her husband in Milforrd New Hampshire.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons


A piece of the history of Trumbull, Connecticut, is being destroyed.  This piece of history is a house built in 1756.

Trumbull House - June, 2020, front view

Quoting from a Christmas card sent by my grandfather in 1956, titled “Two Hundred Christmases in Trumbull”:

“This house was built during the French and Indian War.  It was 17 years old at the time of the Boston Tea Party, and 21 Christmases had passed when the American Army found itself encamped at Valley Forge. 

Trumbull House - June, 2020 - side view

It was 32 when Washington was inaugurated, and 41 when Trumbull held its first town meeting.  The national capital was burned and rated during the 58th year of existence and 109 winters had passed at the time of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 

Trumbull House - June 2020 - Back view

When the first ship passed through the Panama Canal, this house had been giving shelter for 158 years.

In 1922, when these walls had been standing for 166 years, the Guion…

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