The End of an Era (9) – Trumbull House History – 1756 – 1956

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the Christmas Card Grandpa sent to about 200 family and friends in 1956.

This Christmas card contains quite a bit of history, both of Trumbull and the family Homestead of the Guion’s.  

ADG - 1956 Christmas Card - 200 Christmases in Trumbull

This is a copy of a deed, dated 1758, mentioning “dwelling house and barn”


ADG - 1956 Christmas Card - inside

The present home of the Guion’s in Trumbull commemorates its 200th anniversary in this year of 1956.

The ancient deed, dated 1758, mentioning “dwelling house and barn” and reproduced on the front of this card, was obtained from old town records with the patient help of Stratford’s eminent local historian, Mr. William H Wilcoxson.

Further evidence of the age of our old home is supplied by the discovery of a hand-hewn chestnut log in the main fireplace which bears the inscription of initials and the date, “1776”.

This house, then, appears to have been built 20 years before the revolution…

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One thought on “The End of an Era (9) – Trumbull House History – 1756 – 1956

  1. Janet, Thank you for sharing this history of the Trumbull House, the home I have known for all of my years. I lived there for the first 20 years of my life and visited almost every Christmas after that as well as other get-togethers, visits with my Aunt Chiche (Paulette, Mrs. Dan Guion), reunions, celebrations, etc. I have been writing about it for nine years and will continue to do so. My Blog is a labor of love. Thank you again for sharing it with your followers. Take care. Judy


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