Trumbull – Dear Future General Manager – News Concerning Back Pay and InterAmerica – October 29, 1939

Follow this account in letters written in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This weeks chronicle to Lad of happenings in Trumbull include several celebrations. It’s  also been 6 months since Lad left Interamerica for his current job at Socony-Vacuum Oil Company and four months since Dan traveled home from Venezuela, but the battle with Interamerica for wages due continues on. This letter does supply some indication that things will be coming to a close fairly soon.

Lad in Venezuela

Alfred Peabody Guion at one of the camps in Venezuela

Ye last Sunday in October, 1939

(October 29, 1939)

Dear Future General Manager:

Picture to yourself lawns covered with newly fallen tannish-yellow leaves, clear brisk October weather, a cozy fire in the alcove, Mack asleep on the floor and me at my typewriter and you will have the proper background for this letter.

Chalk up to your credit some additional heartbeats of joy occasioned by the fact that last Tuesday when I looked in the mailbox…

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2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Future General Manager – News Concerning Back Pay and InterAmerica – October 29, 1939

  1. Janet, Thank you for the Re-Blog. I am passionate about telling the story of the Greatest Generation and I really appreciate your help. Thank you again. Judy


    1. Yes it was a great generation – my brother and 2 sisters. I think of them so often My sisters lived into their 90’s. My sister Nan passed just when we moved to this Assisted Living place in February 2020. It was not possible to have a memorial gathering at that time. Now one is being planned for August near Belmont Mass


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