The Adventures of Eilidh and Magnus

I just love dogs. These 2 are extra special!

Northern Lace

Eilidh, my
sweetie wheatie, is a stubborn and determined little baggage! She was the smallest of the litter, but the
first to have both ears up. So I never
knew her with her ears down.

Magnus, on
the other hand, spent the first few months with me with one ear up and one ear
down! They say that if a Scottie’s ears
are not up by the time they are 5 months old they will never go up. Magnus was 6 months old before his second one
went up!

Both dogs
were unaffected by the cold and the wet, and spent hours rushing round the
garden, pausing occasionally to take stock.
They are both diggers, but it shows more on Eilidh….

Then came
the snow – something they both LOVED!
They took every opportunity to get wet and dirty, then they would crash
out on the sofa.

Both dogs

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