Thursday Doors, 20/12/18: 2018 Recap

Mexi Movie the Third (closed)

Norm says to do a recap of this year doorwise, and so I have. I like recaps. They help you see.

It felt good going through my year in doors especially since this blog is about to close. Yes, again. I guess I’m eating up space like chocolate. This one lasted only a year!

Even though some who know me well (looking at you, Dan!) hinted that I’d have a hard time keeping my door recap below 50, I somehow managed.

Above is a selection of my favourite door photos as posted on Thursdays throughout the year for my favourite photo challenge. You can view all posts here.

Don’t worry about this blog closing because the new one is starting, as is my habit. Apparently it’s not true that every WP user only gets three free blogs because my forth is ready to be launched with the new year…

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