My Ancestors (23) – Elijah Guion – 1770 – 1844

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

(1) Elijah Guion, Sr.; (2) Elijah Guion, Jr.;  (3) Alfred Beck Guion; (4) Alfred Duryee Guion; (5) Alfred Peabody Guion; (6) Judith Anne Guion

Elijah Guion, son of John Guion, was born in Rye, New York but eventually became a resident of New York City and until 1838 lived at 542 Broadway, near Prince Street, when that region was open country. His residence stood just below the site was occupied by Niblus Garden and later by the Metropolitan Hotel.

Elijah Guion learned the trade of house joiner and carpenter and in that capacity spent some time in the West Indies. When about 22 years old he then engaged in the grocery business in New York City. He was married to Elizabeth Marshall by the Rev. Dr. Pilmon, May 10, 1798 in New York City where they afterward lived. In about 1810 or 1811 he carried on a block and pump-making…

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