La nuit des morts-vivants


The zombie fox is back, and not only has he brought back-up in the form of three equally shouty buddies, but they have been raising absolute hell in our street at night with their part-reanimated corpse, part-Velociraptor shrieking. I have seen/heard them with my own eyes/ears and, a few mornings ago, I found paw prints on our car windscreen which were much too large and too muddy to belong to cats. It seems unlikely that the dog walkers of TW8 would suddenly decide to use parked cars as an obstacle course, so I can only assume that Monsieur Renard and his comrades are to blame. 

Needless to say, this has made our street quite an unnerving place after dark. And, naturellement, it has also made Louis Catorze more desperate than ever before to defy us and go outside at The Front.

As you are aware, he can hear the…

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Vintage Detective Novels

images  I spotted this recently  in the window of our local Secret Garden Bookshop.  I thought there is an author whose name was familiar – Freeman Wills Crofts.  My husband had talked of reading his books years ago.  So I bought it in its striking new reissue dust jacket.  Bingo – Ian (my husband) not only recognized the name but also proceeded to tell me that he and Crofts went to the same school, Campbell College in Belfast Northern Ireland.  Crofts would have been a contemporary of Ian’s father and uncle who also went to Campbell.  I wonder if they knew him.  Further coincidence was that Crofts was born in Dublin near where we lived for many years.  I love the way paths cross in many unexpected ways.