The temptations of John Dane, a Declaration of Remarkable Providences

Historic Ipswich

This handwritten narrative from 1682 is the personal memoir of John Dane, who immigrated to Ipswich by 1638. In England he was acquainted with the Rev. Norton, who also became a minister in Ipswich. His home was on Turkey Shore Road near the Green Street Bridge on land he bought of Daniel Hovey. He also had a farm in the Hamlet, now the town of Hamilton. John Dane was the father of Dr. Philemon Dane, and grandfather of Dr. Philemon Dean, whose home is still standing on South Main Street, also known as the Old Lace Factory. John Dane’s father, John (1) followed him to Ipswich, but there is no record of him after 1641. The will of John Dane, Chirugeon (archaic, surgeon) was proved in 1684 and leaves to his wife the house on the land he bought of Daniel Hovey, and to his son John his…

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