My Ancestors (8) – Stephen Hussey – 1630-1718

A lot of familiar names here.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

(1) Stephen Hussey, (2) Abigaill (Hussey) Marshall, (3) Major Elihu Marshall, (4) Elizabeth (Marshall) Guion, (5) Elijah Guion, (6) Elijah Guion II, (7) Alfred Beck Guion, (8) Alfred Duryee Guion, (9) Alfred Peabody Guion, (10) Judith Anne Guion

The Nantucket period of our story can be said to begin with young Stephen Hussey, our first American-born ancestor, son of Christopher and Theodate, whom Stephen Bachiler, his grandfather, had christened at Lynn. Young Stephen was born in October of 1630, and had grown up at Lynn, Newbury and Hampton. When his father, Christopher Hussey, and Robert Pike, bought a share in the Nantucket company in 1659, Stephen was commissioned to go to Nantucket and operate their holding. He went to the island in 1660, with the very first settlers and was among Nantucket’s leading men for more than a half-century after that — in fact, until his death in 1718.

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