Day 21 – Keswick to Glasgow

Nice weather today.  Their first stop was in Gretna Green where she “married the blacksmith,”  whom she found very funny.  Beautiful rolling hills, animals – horses, cats, dogs, cows.  Fairly good lunch at Dumfries.  Saw Burns Mausoleum.  Tea at Ayr-Station Hotel  Saw Robert Burns birthplace. Saw Loch Doon.  Found the monument to Burns entirely out of keeping.  Very attractive gardens, more natural than English gardens.  In general the Scotch scenery is more natural than the English and less neat, but the cities and houses look dirtierIn Scotland – and the children appear healthier.

She notes that Glasgow is a large busy city with fine .golf links on the edge. Stayed at the St. Enoch Hotel.  She noted many men hanging about the street corners.  Went window shopping, ate candy, laughed – and people stared at the 3 of them (my mother, Lib, and Lois).



Ayr-Station Hotel




Day 20 – In the Lake District – Grange Over Sands – Windermere – Grassmere – Keswick

Another long day riding in the coach.  She liked riding up front part of ye time. They went to Dove Cottage of Wordsworth and De Quincey, a very pretty garden.  They road around Lake Windermere.  She notes the usual things – boats, islands, beautiful cloud shadows, foxglove, rhododendrons.  They stopped for a cold lunch at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Grassmere.  Afterward she “putted terribly” – (was there a miniature putting green attached to the hotel?}

More riding in the coach to Keswick.  A delicious tea at an “old fashioned” hotel with china all over the walls, big vases, pictures.

She and Lib and Lois went downtown – they got bridge tallies and prizes for the big party planned for later.  They dressed up for their big 6 course dinner.  They played 3 rounds of bridge, then trades and professions.

She, Mr. Thomas, Lib, and Lois walked down to the lake.  Great to get out and walk.  It was very dark – seemed romantic.

img_1012 Grassmere POW Hotel

Prince of Wales Hotel, Grassmere

img_1025 Prince of W Hotel



Keswick Market Square




Walking near Keswick



n.b all images from Google

Following My Mother

In tracing my mother’s trip to Europe in 1934 I am learning more about the geography of England in particular.  For example yesterday I bloggedabout her stopping in Ormskirk for ginger cookies.  I had never heard of Ormskirk before.  Today as I was working on my genealogy project – tracing my ancestors – I find that a 13th Great Grandfather was born in Ormskirk.  Bingo!   Lancashire = not a part of England that I am familiar with.

Ormskirk_Parish_Church  Ormskirk Church

And as I follow her footsteps I also am reminded of my travels and I can “compare and contrast” as examiners love to design exam questions.

Day 19 – Onward from Chester to Ormskirk, Southport, Lancaster, Grange-Over-Sands

Their journey took them through relatively industrial country and the Mersey River and Ship Canal.  They stopped for gingerbread at Ormskirk.  On to Southport, a pretty aside resort with fine hotels and interesting shops, a nice bathing pool and a good amusement park.  Had a good lunch at the Prince of Wales Hotel  She had a good thrill on the chutes but the roller coaster was tame.  From there they went on to Lancaster for tea.  Onward to the Grand Hotel.  She and Lib and Mr. Lewis had very amusing and enlightening game of 18 holes of golf.  They saw a sheep which disconcerted them for several shots.

At the end of their round of golf they had whisky which tasted good after their nearly freezing by 9 o’clock on the course.  And a good cold supper at 10.  Ate gingerbread with real ginger in it.

Day 18 – June 25 Tuesday – Leamington, Shrewsbury, Chester

It was cloudy and rainy for them today.  They started at 9:30 and rode through beautiful farm country.  They saw old English, pigs, cows, horses, colts.  They had lunch at The Raven in Shrewsbury.


The Raven Hotel (Google Images)    (The Raven Hotel was demolished in the early 1960’s)       )

While walking around Shrewsbury she got caught in the rain, which ruined her hat.  She enjoyed talking with a Mrs. Duncan and Mr. Thomas – very amusing – about food.

They went on to Chester to the Queens Hotel.  She walked around Chester and also visited the Cathedral, walked along theRows, and also walked the Walls.

In the evening she played bridge and Russian Bank.


Queen Hotel. Chester    )Google Image)




2019 #AtoZChallenge – My Literary BFF Maise Dobbs

Having just finished my 2nd Maisie Dobbs mystery I’m sharing this post. I love the style of the covers.




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When I read a great novel or a series of novels, sometimes I wish I could step into the book and join the world experienced by the characters. I just know that if I were there, I’d feel at home and contribute positively to the plot. I think it is those characters that keep me returning to works by the same author and even read those same novels over and over again.  For this year’s challenge, I plan to visit those characters we all know and love.  Those characters that we want to step off the page because we know that if they did, we’d be best friends forever. …

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Day 17 – On Tour Again Ex London – Monday June 25

The tour started from King’s Cross Station.  They stopped at Tring for lunch and then continued on to Stratford.

Tring – an ancient market town in Herefordshire 480px-Tring_High_Street  (google image)


They stopped at the Red Horse Hotel where my mother had a “scrumptious” tea and played ping pong.


(google image)

After lunch the tour continued on to Warwick and the Regent Hotel in Leamington.  They had quite a dinner – 6 courses.  In the evening they went by private car to Stratford where they saw Romeo and Juliet.  She has great praise for the production.



Day 16 – Sunday in London

The sisters got up and out in time to get good places for the changing of the Coldstream Guards at St. James.  The slow march was the best part.  They returned to their hotel for breakfast at 11:30 and then walked to the Tate Gallery.  Then walked to Victoria Station and took a long bus ride to Kensington and then to Kew Gardens.  They enjoyed the Gardens, walked a bit further up the Thames before coming back to Kew for the boat ride return to central London.  They walked home passing Victoria and Piccadilly Stations.


Band of the Coldstream Guards



Kew Gardens Map

310px-Flowers_in_front_of_the_Palm_House,_Kew_Gardens  Kew Gardens

(images from Google Images)


Day 15 – In London – A Nice Warm Day


My Mother’s Diary fro her Trip to Europe in 1934


Sightseeing.  Tried to see the Guards but there were such crowds that all they could see were the tops of their busbys – occasional glimpse.  Enjoyed the music.

They a delicious meal at Simpsons on the Strand

They visited the British Museum.

They had lots of fun riding on the buses.  They tried to shop but the stores were closed.  They had a good tea at Ridgeways.

They took a bus again to go to the theatre – Reunion in Vienna with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine – very good.

Found it strange to see people smoking on the buses and in the theatre,

Reunion in Vienna Scene from Reunion in Vienna.  (from Google Images)

Day 14 – They Went To Ascot

(This was a particularly interesting day for me to read about.  For all the times I’ve traveled to London, I’ve never been to Ascot.)

royalascotmapp      2096983760-12-03-2019-14-13-38.A5_ROYAL ENCLOSURE_MAP_2019_FINAL.jpg


Photos from Google images

(It was quite a day.  I have been to London and other parts of England many times but never to Ascot.)

They took the bus to King’s Cross Station But somehow went the wrong way and had quite a tour of London.  They reached Ascot about 11:30.  My mother writes that they sat on the front seat of a charabanc opposite the box of the King and Queen,  She thinks the dresses were too much like garden party frocks.  The Royal party drove up the course at 1 o’clock in an open carriage.  The King and Queen looked just like their pictures.  Other people arrived in coach and four.

The races started at 1:30 and ran every half hour until 5 o’clock.  Beautiful horses.

Came back to London and had dinner at The Rendezvous in Soho


Ascot 1954  (photo from the Guardian)