Postcards and Oil Fields

2019_07_18_10_27_02.pdf000Midwest oil fields Wyoming

My sense of economic geography  is thrown here.  I somehow don’t think of Wyoming and oil fields.  This is an “old” postcard in a style dating from the 40’s and 50’s.  But I think again and recently there was so much in the news about the routing of the oil pipelines.

North and South Dakota yes but Wyoming?  Think again!


The Beginning (49) – Childhood Memories of Trumbull – Memories of the Island

I’m doing a somewhat similar project with my mother’s travel diaries.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

These are the memories of my Father and his siblings, recorded over several years. When my Uncle Dan passed away, I realized that I had better get started recording the memories of Dan’s siblings before they were also gone. I was able to have two recording sessions with my Father, Lad in California; two with Uncle Ced in New Hampshire, a three-day cruise in our boat with Aunt Biss; one session with Uncle Dave in Stratford, CT and one hand-written session (I forgot my tape recorder going up to the Island in New Hampshire, where Uncle Dick lived) with Uncle Dick. I transcribed them once exactly as they were spoken, again removing the ums, ahs, half sentences started over, etc. I then produced a final copy that was easier to read, but it still needs work getting the chronological order correct. Memories are not recorded with a date stamp. I…

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