Where To Start

I have so much to write about today it just makes me dizzy not knowing where to start. O.K. Here it comes. First I lost my keys – the keys to my upstairs apartment. I was in the apartment when it happened. I ransacked the place looking for them. They had to be in that apartment somewhere. I enlisted the help of a friend. She looked everywhere several times over. We were on the brink of giving up when……….da da she asked “have you checked your pockets” for the umpteenth time. Duh…..I checked my back pocket – click – my keys were FOUND. There they were in my back pocket. We had a good laugh and a big hug! Did I ever feel foolish – particularly as I had had a similar experience in Fred Meyer several years ago. Oh well.

Searching for the missing…………

It’s A New Day

It’s a new day and somehow I am connected to the internet. Hooray. It is not raining – that is a nice change. There are humming birds at the bush right outside my window. And a friend just delivered a cup of coffee to my “office”.

What’s happening?

Back Online

After a few frustrating days of being offline for some incomprehensible reason(s), I seem to be online again. Not being able to publish a blog post ruins my day. Anyhow here I am back again.

Not being able to write my blog aged me a little
Katerina shares my frustration

My Favorite Felted Mittens Pattern

Dances with Wools

photo: LGP

Last winter, I knitted, felted and sold about 20 pairs of felted mittens at pre-holiday craft fairs. I don’t mind making socks on circular needles, but not mittens – guess the hole for the thumb bothers me, I dunno. Anyway, I use the 2-needle pattern below, but I make the mittens much larger than if they weren’t about to be felted. That means, for a child, I make a small adult size. For men, the bigger medium or largest size. You have to use your judgement and know your yarn. Use your judgment for women. For felting, I’ve found that Paton’s 100% wool worsted weight gives me predictable results. It is readily available, inexpensive, knits up beautifully, and comes in many lovely solids and blends. Yarns made specifically for felting shrink too much for this application.

Traditional two needle mittens work up quickly, and suit everyone from child…

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Trumbull – Dear Dan and Dave (1) – Discharges and Ced is Home – November 11, 1945

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Trumbull, Conn., Nov. 11, 1945

Dear Dan and Dave:

You to being the only outlanders left, the salutation above is correct, although on second thought, it was only about five minutes ago that Lad and Marian left for Aberdeen to make that their temporary home until he is discharged, their hope being that their sojourn will not be long and of course they are hoping to get home on a pass for Thanksgiving. However, they took along a limited amount of housekeeping utensils so that if they are stuck there for any length of time, they will have the ways and means of existing until the Army order finally comes through. Anyway, they will thus have an opportunity of celebrating their wedding anniversary together, which otherwise might not have been possible in view of the fact that obtaining another pass so soon after the one this week, might be difficult…

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The Past Is In The Past

Time flows on, like a river

We are worried, we are happy, sad, frustrated, nervous, confused, excited, joyful…

Sometimes we feel like we just want to stay and live in that particular moment. And other times, we want it all to be over with. In either case, time is passing, and there will be a day where you look back and see how far you’ve come.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: “it goes on”

Robert Frost

This is a really nice quote I read about somewhere by the American poet Robert Frost. When he said that life goes on, he meant IT GOES ON. There is no point brooding about something that happened today, yesterday, or even 10 years ago, because what’s gone is gone… You can’t go back and fix it. So just try to get over what happened. I know this may seem hard, but that…

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A Book in the Mail

Guess what came in the mail today. A book by our very own fellow blogger T. W. Dittmer. The Vally Walker. I am ready to dive right in.

I haven’t read the book yet but I am wondering if this might be a good illustration for it.
Or this for The Valley Walker

Moving Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

We have now ALMOST completely moved from Floor 3 down to Floor 1.. Two of our 3 sons did the bulk of the work but I am the one who is exhausted. Supervision and decision making. And then to top it off we got 2 shots – flu in one arm and the COVID booster in the other. I had a reaction and was feeling rather low for most of the next day.

How is he feeling?

Moving Up, Moving Down

Moving up, moving down – it is all happening here at our Assisted Living “arrangement”. What a weekend!! Lots of hard work – and very successful. I hardly lifted a finger but I am exhausted. How could we have accumulated so much stuff in so short a time. Blame it on my postcard collecting addiction, the fascination of exploring my genealogy, TThethe fact that I like to knit, etc. etc.

The train keeps moving and I can’t catch up.

All In The Process Of Moving

Oh dear, we are in the thick of it now. And I have been putting off all those dreadful decisions of Down Sizing, but crunch time is nearing. Even though we left our house and moved to Assisted Living almost two years ago, the Big Decisions re what goes to the dump and what gets distributed in some other way still have to be made – And much more in preparation to selling the house. So farI have Benn inching along in these processes. COVID has put everything out of whack but thankfully none of our nearest and dearest have been sick and we feel most fortunate.. Knock on wood.

We are joyful. (postcard from my collection)