2018_10_07_17_18_48.pdf028  Postcard from Norway – just to look at this view makes me feel cold – and bleak.  It’s a color card but you would think it was black and white.

2018_10_09_09_00_27.pdf001    Not quite so cold – the summer clothing worn by the figures in the foreground give some warmth   Hilsen Fra Nordland = Greetings from Nordland (a region in the far North of Norway)

2018_10_09_09_00_27.pdf000  Midnight Sun in Norway

Orange Moon

I didn’t get a picture but the past 2 nights the moon has been incredible – an orange oval in the night sky.  Looks like an egg.  Beautiful.

Orange moon at night and red sun in the morning – but not this morning.  It was refreshingly wet!