The Weekly Shop

Peter's pondering

It’s a while since I took part in the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge, co-hosted by GC and SueW. You can find the rules here if you wish to have a go.

The prompt this week is Carts, and GC’s introduction mentioned shopping carts which, of course, everyone knows, are really called shopping trolleys! Thus my entry is all about me wandering around doing the weekly shop, with mind in neutral.


I dream the dreams of youthful folly

whilst pushing round my shopping trolley

My mind unfocused, wandering free

Oh, just a sec, I need some tea

What was the name of that tall lass

who cut her knee on broken glass?

Was it Sarah?Sally?Sue?

Tonight, I think I’ll make a stew

And who was that who punched my nose?

I stamped his foot and broke his toes

Ah, pasta? Should I buy this week?

I must phone Joe, we…

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A Treasured Reminder

My dad took this picture of me way back in 1937. I was 8 weeks old. It’s my dad’s handwriting on the back that means so much to me.

Me (Janet) at 8 weeks
Dad’s Handwriting. Janet Willis Miller, 8 weeks old, February 6, 1937. (Apologies for it being upside down)

R.I.P. Jim Hayes, 1946-2022

Wickersham's Conscience

WC first met Jim Hayes on a basketball court. Hayes was the starting center for the Lathrop Malemutes; WC was a very skinny Junior Varsity player, just a few weeks away from washing out of even the JV team, and gave away some 60-70 pounds and six inches to Hayes, who was a mass of muscle. It was a pickup game. Hayes blocked WC’s first two jumpers, and had a soft, right-handed hook shot that was all but unstoppable. The one time WC was able to get a charging call, Hayes’ momentum knocked WC halfway across the court. Hayes came over and helped WC up, asking if everything was all right. He was that kind of guy.

Hayes led the Malemutes to the state championship game, losing to Ketchikan in overtime. An absolute gentleman, he made a point of shaking the hand and congratulating each member of the K-High team.

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High in the Sky

Here it is 5:20 p.m. and the sun is shining high in the sky. In fact it seems incredibly high for this time of day. Well it is almost the solstice so what do I expect? We have had so little amount of sunshine this month – I’ll take any little bit we get. What a dull Spring we have had.. No need to pack away our winter clothes!.

I have just finished reading Gone With the Wind. A reread from 60 years ago. It was wonderful. I recommend it highly. But with all this talk of Civil Rights and Integration and Busing and Discrimination and Immigration etc etc etc, our country’s history is vey short in the grand scheme of things. But the way we’re destroying the planet, there won’t be anything left for our grandchildren or great grandchildren to fuss about.

A simple image – a postcard of a woman sitting on her front steps, with a cat on her lap – early 1900’s?