My Weaving

Painting – Backstrap Weaver in Southeast Asia – Thailand(?)

From a very young age I wanted to make rugs. My initial efforts consisted of pompoms sewed on to a canvas backing. I soon moved on to braided rugs and made several for my own use and as gifts. Included in my repertoire were hooked rugs – mine were very amateurish – not a patch on those hooked by my female New England ancestors. But when I got into making rya rugs I was really getting somewhere, both with color and design. After some years though, I finally got a substantial loom for weaving and then my textile efforts really took off.

One of my crocheted rugs – or it could be a blanket
Woven rug – weaver unknown
Me (Janet) at my Glimakra loom. I am weaving a rug – long ago in Bhutan