February Remembered

Northern Lace

It was a
funny month, weather-wise. It started
with snow, and became spring-like.

At the
beginning of the month, the days were getting longer, and my dog walking was
happening after sunrise.

Mists and cloud still made for great lighting.

By the end
of the month it was the sunsets which gave the wonderful colours.

The grass
was growing, and the sheep were out.

There were
days where the stormy blue-grey skies, and the low sun, made my stained glass
angel glow.

The dogs
continued to make me laugh! This is
Eilidh reacting to a video of Scottie puppies playing.

Towards the end of the month we had a mild spell, with plenty of sun.  The the mixed woodland of the Muddisdale walk was especially colourful – here the silver birch (with Magnus)…


and alder. The verges are beginning to show signs of spring.  Snowdrops and crocuses came…

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