Postcard Scanning Project

I am currently spending quite a bit of time scanning my postcard collection.  each day I do a few more, 50 plus.  In the process I find many old friends, faces, and memories.  Here is my “find” for today.

2018_09_27_12_17_28.pdf000  A Norwegian girl milking a goat, 1905.  I just love this image.

The HNS New Novel Award 2018

Cryssa Bazos

I’m especially really pleased to share with you my good news. My second novel, The Severed Knot, has been longlisted for the HNS New Novel Award 2018. Making the long list is a huge accomplishment. The Historical Novel Society is a respected literary society devoted to the promotion of historical fiction.

The Severed Knot is set in the UK and Barbados during the 17th century and follows one of the characters from Traitor’s Knot after the disastrous Battle of Worcester. Here is what they had to say about my work:

The Severed Knot
Bleakly impossible choices face the protagonists in the brutal aftermath of civil war. Stark but involving tale of early colonial exploitation strongly centers on an indomitable Scottish hero. ~ The Historical Novel Society

I’m hard at work on the final draft, and I expect to have it out early in the new year. In…

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A 17th century sugar plantation in the Caribbean #Barbados

Good reading. Substantial historical fiction.

Cryssa Bazos

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front as I’ve been writing a new novel that continues on the next leg of the journey on the road to the Restoration. The Severed Knot picks up on the fate of the Scottish prisoners (at least one in particular) following the Battle of Worcester.

I find that starting a new novel can be both exhilarating and nerve wracking as I wrestle with my Muse to get the story down. One of the most enjoyable aspects of starting a new historical fiction novel is . . . you guessed it, research! Oh the joys of digging into a new topic and chasing down a warren of rabbit holes. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve uncovered. Also stay tuned for cover reveals and first chapter previews.

Today, we head to Caribbeanisland of Barbados! Long before Barbados became a…

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How Do I Tell You What My 60th College Reunion Meant To Me?

Middlebury College Vermont – Class of 1958 – 60th Reunion

Middlebury College -that small “cosy” college set in the Green Mountains in Vermont.

In June I attended my 60th Reunion, along with others celebrating their 5th through 70th reunions.  It was Reunion Weekend!  The most thrilling moment was marching in the procession up the hill to Mead Chapel for the Convocation.  “The Strength of the Hills is His Also” – the inscription on the Chapel. Yes I felt inspired to be in that procession behind our  1958 class banner. I was just one of many, but I felt a SPECIAL ONE because I had attended Middlebury.  I was part of a long and worthy tradition.

It’s a different college now from the one I attended.  It has grown almost beyond recognition apart from the fact that the new buildings are still built of gray granite.  Too big I felt and yet upon reflection maybe it has just adapted itself to changes in society and what is called for in 2018, as compared with 1954 when I entered.  At the end of the weekend I felt that the core values remain- they endure.