My Roots

I grew up in Belmont Massachusetts. The first settlement in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 was in Watertown on the banks of the Charles River.  A group of  these first settlers in Watertown  broke away.  They were lead by Sir Rchard Salstonstall.  They separated from the original settlement in Watertown  and went inland in a northwest direction.  They negotiated with the Pequosette Indians.  I grew up a stone’s throw away from Pequosette Road.  And a slightly longer stone’s throw from the border with Watertown.  I lived on Old Middlesex Road – named after the original settlers no doubt.  Cornered by Essex Road and marked by 4 very large oak trees which were planted by the Pequosettes – which was readily accepted to be true by all the residents in the mid20th century.

Given my geographical roots, I have researched my ancestry and identified several who came to this country on the Mayflower.  And going back, most of my ancestors in the early 17th century were born somewhere in England and died in New England.