My Reading Journey, January 2020-2021

The Body in the Library, Agatha Christie The Bat, Jo Nesbro Cockroaches, Jo Nesbro Redbreast, Jo Nesbro Nemesis, Jo Nsbro Excellent Women, Barbara Pym Elegy for Iris, John Bayley Iris and Her Friends, John Bayley Widower’s House, John Bayley Angel, Elizabeth Taylor The House in Paris, Elizabeth Bowen Compton Hodnet, Elizabeth Bowen Finding Family, My … Continue reading My Reading Journey, January 2020-2021

A Grim Discovery

I made a grim discovery today in my genealogy. Another ancestor was burned at the stake. his horrible death occurred on July 15th, 1627 in Smithfield, London. I don’t jnowwhat her crime was – witchcraft? religious beliefs?

Who is the Patron Saint of Knitters?

Originally posted on Dances with Wools:
Someone on one of the forums I haunt asked this question. Being extremely interested both in knitting and in religious history, it was necessary to immediately start a search. Some say that the patron saint is Fiacre. It seems he was the patron of cap makers, and when knitted…


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